Episode 7 - Using a Linux Desktop for Full Time Development with Jonathan Bossenger and Ian Jones

Episode 7 July 21, 2021 01:06:50
Episode 7 - Using a Linux Desktop for Full Time Development with Jonathan Bossenger and Ian Jones
Delicious Brain Waves
Episode 7 - Using a Linux Desktop for Full Time Development with Jonathan Bossenger and Ian Jones

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In the latest episode of the Delicious Brain Waves podcast, Jonathan Bossenger and Ian Jones share their experiences using Linux operating systems for full-time development.

Ian has an extensive history of using Unix and Linux systems but developed primarily in Windows before moving to Apple desktops in 2003. In 2017 he decided to try a Linux laptop instead of getting a new MacBook Pro, and the experience was so great he switched his desktop to Linux in 2020. Jonathan comes from a pure Windows background, stumbled into Linux on the desktop with Ubuntu in 2008, and has used it almost exclusively on both desktop and laptop environments ever since.

They discuss their history with Linux operation systems, the reasons why they love developing software on Linux, the pros and cons of using Linux, and share some tips and advice to those considering a change.

Show Notes:

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