Episode 16 - Unlocking the Power of WordPress Blocks

Episode 16 January 17, 2023 00:22:06
Episode 16 - Unlocking the Power of WordPress Blocks
Delicious Brain Waves
Episode 16 - Unlocking the Power of WordPress Blocks

Jan 17 2023 | 00:22:06


Show Notes

WordPress blocks have come a long way since Gutenberg was first released as part of WordPress 5.0 in 2018. Today, the focus is on styling and editing blocks, and using blocks for all parts of a site, not just the content area. This includes block patterns, block templates and template parts, and the theme.json configuration file. 

In this episode of Delicious Brain Waves, we’re joined by special guest Nick Diego, a Senior Developer Advocate at WP Engine, a WordPress core contributor, and self-confessed “block evangelist.” We discuss WordPress blocks, the history of the Gutenberg Project, how it led to Full Site Editing, now called the Site Editor, and the ongoing resistance to using WordPress blocks. 

Show notes:

* Nick Diego on Twitter

* Mike Davey on Twitter

* WordCamp 2022: Let’s Build a Custom Block in 15 Minutes

* Why I Built My WordCamp US Presentation Out of Blocks

* An Introduction to Block Templates

* Exploring Block Layout, Alignment, and Dimensions

* Builder Basics – Designing Advanced Layouts with Core Blocks

* Exploring the Power of Block Variations

* Nick’s Articles on WP Engine’s Builders Resource

* WordPress Create Block Tool

* Core Editor Improvement: Advancing the Site Editor Experience

* What’s New in Gutenberg 14.9?

* BuiltWith Stats: CMS Usage Distribution on the Entire Internet

* Why We Hang Onto WordPress Nostalgia

* State of the Word 2022

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